Me and my amazing wife at one of our events.

Who is happy Arsenal

Welcome to Happy Arsenal, my name is Chris Jones. I moved to Orlando, Florida from Washington Illinois when I graduated from high school. After receiving a degree in graphic design in 1993, I started my own graphic design firm. Since 2000, I've been the sole proprietor of Popcorn Initiative, a design firm that specializes in unique print work and corporate branding.

A move to the upstate of South Carolina and a love for natural metals inspires each design of jewelry that I create. Every piece is handmade, unique, and designed by me. My background in design and the natural beautiful surroundings of the upstate act as my muse.

I strive to create unique pieces that are not only classic but that are fun and are conversation starters.

All of Happy Arsenals pieces are created using modern hardwoods, driftwood and copper or brass. My copper or brass pieces are etched so they have a 3D profile and then have patina added so the depth of the pieces become enhanced. My driftwood pieces are usually partly painted, then oiled and finally protected with a coat of wax. My modern wood pieces focus heavily on appreciation of woodgrain and color. All of the pieces are then added to copper or brass plated chains or ear wires that are nickel and lead free.

I have recently started a "Gallery Line" which really focuses on using these natural materials to create larger statement pieces. These pieces can be modern or bohemian and are usually hung on a rope necklace to compliment the larger size.

What's With the Name?

The idea behind the name is simple. Having spent lots of time around women buying jewelry (including my wife) I see how happy it makes them. Adding small treasures to a wardrobe can make anyone feel more special and unique than you already are. I feel that a woman's best arsenal is the accessories that she chooses. I would be honored for any Happy Arsenal piece to be included in your collection..

Have a custom order?

Do you have an idea for a piece of your own? It's possible that I could take your idea and bring it to fruition. The process can be complicated, but by providing electronic proofs of the process I can make sure that your expectations are met.